12 Facts about Santa's Siberian Huskies

Simon's Christmas Adventure

Where would you find Santa, A Magic Elf, 6 Huskies and a Time Machine?

In Simon's latest Christmas Adventure, that's where!

You'll need to imagine your coziest jacket because it's all happening in icy Finland.

Along the way you'll even find out what Santa wants for Christmas. (Hint: it's not just milk and cookies)

Join Simon in his biggest Christmas Adventure ever!


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Check out these 12 Fascinating facts about Santa's Huskies.

  • Huskies have a thick double layer coat to keep them warm in temperatures below freezing.
  • They have fur on their toes for insulation but they also wear booties and coats when it's seriously cold.
  • They are really good at digging and will easily dig holes in the snow to shelter in.
  • They have baffled scientists by being able to change their metabolism when they run long distances. They switch from burning Glycogen in their muscles to using the fat straight from their blood. We know what they do but not how to do it.
  • A Husky's howl can be heard up to 16 kilometres away (10 miles)


  • They are easy to train as sled dogs because they are extremely intelligent.
  • The smartest of them will always be the lead dog on a sled team.
  • Their memory is also excellent making them good at remembering the trails they've been on before.
  • They don't like water much so their owners feed them a lot of thick meat soup.
  • They can run up to 30km an hour.
  • Not the perfect pet for suburbia: they need constant exercise, they are well known escape artists, they will chew practically anything and they're too friendly to make good guard dogs.
  • They often have bright blue eyes.

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