25. February 2019
Join Simon in his bigger than ever adventure to the centre of India. He's searching for the biggest, most popular wild cat in the world. Don't be scared, his friend Ruby will keep you safe.
15. December 2018
Simon's latest adventure heads back to cold, dark and icy Finland in December, to find out what Santa really wants for Christmas. You'll also meet Santa's favourite canine companions. It's 20 minutes of Christmas fun for the whole family!
26. October 2018
Simon's latest adventure is close to home for him, in Queensland's amazing Eucalypt forest.
22. July 2018
In Simon's latest Mindful Frog Audio Adventure, you'll be visiting the most famous rain forest in the world. We're in Brazil, and right on the Earth's equator where it's always warm. You'll find out why Sloths make their way down to the forest floor once a week, and what they love to eat more than anything in the world.
16. May 2018
Fascinating facts about the smartest insect on the planet, the Honey Bee!
25. March 2018
Facinating facts about the world's biggest land animals, and the tiny beetle who cleans up after them!
29. January 2018
Simon's latest audio adventure takes him to Mars, where you get to meet the incredible Mars rover Curiosity. This hard working robot has been sending back invaluable scientific data and photos since 2012. NASA only expected it to last two years maximum in the harsh Mars environment, but as of January 2018, it's still going strong. Not a bad effort on a planet famous for having no atmosphere to speak of, huge amounts of radiation, plenty of serious dust storms and mostly freezing conditions.

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