07. December 2022
Simon's Earth Evolution Part 2 (All the words!)
Now you can listen to and read along, with Simon's "Earth Evolution" Part Two!
07. December 2022
Simon's Earth Evolution Part 1 (All the words!)
Now you can listen to and read along, with Simon's "Earth Evolution" Part One!
17. July 2020
4 crazy Brain Facts!
Do you know what Simon has always wanted? His computer does, and she's created it for him in this adventure. It's all happening in a top secret location, and you're invited to check it out. Along the way, you'll be imagining a constellation, a flying reptile and a collection of very cute, fluffy mammals. There's also more weird brain facts than you can poke a stick at!
12. April 2020
28 Amazing Facts about bats!
Yee ha partner and saddle up, Simon's off to Texas for his biggest adventure ever! Things get hot and sticky and a little bit gross, but it's totally worth it because you'll find out what's actually inside a real bat cave. Hint: It's not just bats, be prepared to be surprised!
01. February 2020
17 Amazing Facts about White Sharks and Epaulette sharks!
It's sharks, sharks and more sharks! Simon's back for Shark Adventure number 2. Get your sunscreen ready, this adventure starts off on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and ends up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We're going to a very famous cafe, but sorry, there won't be any coffee! You'll meet one of the smallest sharks in the world and then, the shark everyone has seen in the movies.
23. December 2019
What happened to all of Santa's letters? Why is Santa feeling a bit sad? You'll be helping Simon get to the bottom of that mystery in his latest Christmas adventure. Make sure you're rugged up, because it all happens in Simon's favourite Christmas spot, Finland!
17. November 2019
13 Awesome Shark Facts!
It's Shark Time!" Simon's back under the ocean getting you very close to some very big sharks. They're older than trees, they're tougher than dinosaurs and they're totally weird. You'll never look at sharks the same way again! (This is Shark Adventure 1, number 2 is coming soon!)
12. September 2019
11 Amazing facts about Voyager 1, the fastest spacecraft ever!
Simon is going Interstellar, and you're invited! Get ready for the ride of your life on Simon's "Fact Finding Spacecraft". You'll speed through the asteroid belt, wave at Jupiter and Saturn then imagine yourself floating in space, next to the fastest space probe ever!
30. June 2019
11 Tall Facts about Giraffes!
Giraffes are the tallest land animals on earth and also one of the most fascinating. Check out Simon's latest adventure as well as some totally cool facts and links here on his Frog Blog!
28. April 2019
8 Excellent facts about The Earth's Amazing Atmosphere
Join Simon in his bigger than ever adventure to the centre of India. He's searching for the biggest, most popular wild cat in the world. Don't be scared, his friend Ruby will keep you safe.

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