4 crazy Brain Facts!

Simon's Brain Tree Adventure!

Do you know what Simon has always wanted?
His computer does, and she's created it for him in this adventure.
It's all happening in a top secret location, and you're invited to check it out.
Along the way, you'll be imagining a constellation, a flying reptile and a collection of very cute, fluffy mammals.
There's also more weird brain facts than you can poke a stick at!



Anatomy Of The Brain

ThoughtCo.com have heaps of excellent information about loads of science subjects. Check them out!


How to teach kids about the brain.

Fantastic article for parents to read.


How your brain works.

The How Stuff Works site have done it again, this time it's all about your brain!


Feel like coloring some brains? Try these excellent free sites.

1st Free Brain Colouring Page

2nd Free Brain Clouring Page

3 of Simon's Favourite Antarctica Facts

1. You can be more remote in Antarctica than on the International Space Station. The ISS is 400 km away but in Antarctica you can be 1000 km away from the nearest human.

2. It's a fantastic place to hunt for meteorites because they stand out against the white ice and can lie there undisturbed for years.

3. 70% of the worlds fresh water is here, it's just frozen solid.
If the ice melted, the sea level would rise by around 60 metres.

4 of Simon's Favourite Brain Facts

1. There really are 86 Billion brain cells or neurons in your brain.

2. More than half of your neurons are in the Cerebellum, the part of your brain that looks after lots of muscle movement and balance.

3. It weighs about the same as 3 cans of baked beans (1.5kg), looks like oatmeal and feels like tofu.

4. You're so much smarter than a dinosaur. They only had the same brain structure as a chicken. (Mind you they had good eyesight, good hearing, big teeth and could run really fast, so yep, still scary!)

4 Totally excellent videos about the brain!

Getting to know your brain - An excellent video from "Crash Course"

The incredible three brain system in your head!

Parts of the brain by "Neuro Transmissions" (Cool name!)

The Origin Of Consciousness by "Kurzgesagt in a nutshell" - anything these guys do is great!

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