17 Amazing Facts about White Sharks and Epaulette sharks!

Simon's Shark Adventure 2!

It's sharks, sharks and more sharks!

Sharks are so popular with kids, some people think they might be taking over from dinosaurs.

Simon says "No way, I love them both!"

Now you can join Simon for Shark Adventure number 2.

You'll need to imagine some sunscreen and a hat, because this adventure starts off on Australia's Great Barrier Reef, and ends up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

We're going to a very famous cafe, but sorry, there won't be any coffee!

You'll meet one of the smallest sharks in the world and then, the shark everyone has seen in the movies. 

The Shark Research Institute

 fantastic site that has excellent information, and they care about sharks!

Shark Anatomy Poster

 A  amazing poster about shark anatomy you can download as well as get lots of other cool info.

How Sharks Work

The How Stuff Works site is always good, and their info about sharks is better than good.

Free Shark Colouring Pages

Feel like colouring some sharks? This is an excellent free page.


8 Fascinating Facts about Epaulette Sharks

  • The Epaulette is one of the smallest sharks in the world and is a carpet shark, just like the biggest shark in the world, the Whale Shark.
  • Their colouring and spots make them hard to see on the sea bed, cool camouflage!
  • They can climb out of the water and "walk" between rock pools on coral reefs.
  • They can hold their breath for up to an hour, 60 times longer than a human!
  • They can "power down" their brain to save energy and oxygen! (They do this by restricting blood flow to it.)
  • They mostly eat crabs and worms.
  • Living in the shallow rock pools keeps them safe from the bigger sharks.
  • They are less than a metre long.

Best Epaulette Shark video ever, with David Attenborough!

9 Fascinating Facts about Great White Sharks

  • Great Whites can open the jaws to 150 degrees wide, humans can only manage 45 degrees.
  • They can extend their jaw out of their mouth so that it's in front of their head.
  • Their livers, make up 25% of their weight. 
  • A 900 KG shark can have 270 litres of oil in its liver, an excellent energy source.
  • They can dive deeper than a nuclear submarine. They regularly get down to 1100 metres while submarines only manage 730 metres.
  • They are endothermic, so they can keep their temperature higher than the cold water they swim in. (They're always warmed up and ready for action!)
  • They go from 0 to 40 KPH with a few flicks of their tail.
  • They have an excellent immune system.
  • In their lifetime, they can go through 30,000 teeth.

Amazing Video of Ocean Ramsey swimming with a Great White Shark!

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