All aboard the "Santa Claus Express !"

It's Simon's Christmas Adventure 2019!

What happened to all of Santa's letters?

Why is Santa feeling a bit sad?

You'll be helping Simon get to the bottom of these mysteries in his latest Christmas adventure.

Make sure you're rugged up, because it all happens on Simon's favourite Christmas spot, Finland! (After all, Santa does live there)

The Santa Claus Express is real

Simon's latest Christmas adventure starts on this amazing train in Finland.

Click HERE for a super interesting page with lots of pictures of the actual train, and a description of taking an overnight trip on it.

It's the Polar Express in real life! 


Free Polar Express Colouring Pages

Feel like colouring some Christmas trains? This is an excellent free page.



Cool videos to check out!

Three videos for you about interesting things mentioned in Simon's Christmas Adventure 2019

The crew of Gemini 6 playing Jingle Bells!

Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Lapland.

The Fastest Train In The World, Shanghai, China!

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