13 Awesome Shark Facts!

Simon's Shark Adventure 1!

Simon says "It's Shark Time!"

For this adventure we're back under the ocean, getting you nice and close to some very big sharks.

They're older than trees, tougher than dinosaurs and totally weird!

You're never going to look at sharks the same way again.

The Shark Research Institute

 fantastic site that has excellent information, and they care about sharks!

Shark Anatomy Poster

 A  amazing poster about shark anatomy you can download as well as get lots of other cool info.

How Sharks Work

The How Stuff Works site is always good, and their info about sharks is better than good.

Free Shark Colouring Pages

Feel like colouring some sharks? This is an excellent free page.



13 Fascinating Facts about Sharks

  • Sharks have skeletons but no bones, they're made entirely of cartilage.
  • Scientists think the Greenland shark can live to 500 years old.
  • Hammerhead and Silky Sharks live inside an active volcano in the Solomon Islands.
  • Sharks have outlived the dinosaurs and are older than trees on this planet.
  • Greenland sharks have a chemical in their blood that acts like an anti-freeze.
  • For their size, Greenland sharks are the slowest sharks anywhere.
  • A whole reindeer including its antlers was discovered in the stomach of a Greenland shark.
  • In 1963, Chevrolet built a 2 door sports car modelled on the Mako shark.
  • A shark is 90% muscle, humans are 40%.
  • A shark's skin is covered with microscopic teeth, called denticles, that make it extra tough and help the shark swim faster.
  • Some sharks can push their stomach out of their mouth to rinse it.
  • If a Mako Shark stops moving it will die
  • Sharks can't swim backwards like other fish.

Check out this excellent Sharks In a Volcano Video!

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