18 Amazing Facts about Bengal Tigers

Simon's Tiger  Adventure

It's a big adventure for an even bigger animal!

Simon's latest adventure has to be huge because it's about the biggest wild cat in the world! 

It may sound totally dangerous but don't worry, his friend Ruby will keep you safe.

You'll also meet a creature whose been around for 80 million years, but you've probably never even heard of it.

Join Simon in his incredibly huge Tiger  Adventure!


You'll find some fantastic colouring in sheets with all sorts of Tiger pictures at these amazing links

Tiger Colouring Pages 1

Tiger Colouring Pages 2




Check out these Fascinating Facts about Bengal Tigers

  • Tigers are not descended from Saber Tooth Tigers.
  • The Tasmanian Tiger isn't a Tiger, it's a marsupial.
  • Tigers have better short term memories than humans.
  • Tigers are the largest wild cat in the world.
  • They can reach 65 KPH, that's 17 metres in a second!
  • No two Tigers have the same stripes. (like fingerprints)
  • Their stripes are also on their skin.
  • A Tigers night vision is six times better than a humans.
  • A Tigers hearing is five times better than a humans





The Chinese symbol for "King"

Matches nicely with the pattern on the Tiger's head above!

  • Their whiskers detect tiny changes in air pressure when they get close to something.
  • They can't purr but you can hear their roar three kilometres away.
  • They're bigger than lions.
  • They're smarter than Lions.
  • They bite twice as hard as a lion.
  • They have better manners that Lions, they always let the mother and cubs eat first.
  • A group of tigers is called an ambush.
  • Tigers spend around 20 hours a day napping!
  • They don't need to hunt in packs like lions.

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