8 Excellent facts about The Earth's Amazing Atmosphere

Simon's Atmosphere  Adventure!

Simon's latest adventure is up in the air, literally! 

Come for a ride on his space elevator, and have a close look at everything between you and the darkness of space.

You'll find out when you shouldn't get on a helicopter, and why the Ozone layer is so cool.

This is also your free ticket to natures greatest show, lightning!

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Here's a link to a fantastic info graphic and a page full of excellent information about the atmosphere. 

Infographic and Info.


Here's another excellent page that will explain all the different clouds for you.

Clouds And Weather




8 Fascinating Facts about The Earth's Atmosphere

  • 99% of the atmosphere's water is in the Troposphere where we live
  • Almost all the Earth's weather exists in the 12 km thick troposphere.
  • Jet fighters love the Stratosphere because of its thin air and low turbulence
  • The temperature in the Stratosphere actually increases as you go higher thanks to the ozone layer.
  • Ozone smells like chlorine or burning wires.
  • The Mesosphere is most meteors burn up, there are no clouds above the Mesosphere.
  • Lightning is just a big version of the static electricity you get when you take off your sweater. (A very big version)
  • Lightning is 30,000 times faster than a bullet and 6 times hotter than the sun!  

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