11 Tall Facts about Giraffes!

Simon's Giraffe  Adventure!

We hope you're ready for a tall tale, because in Simon's latest adventure, you'll be meeting the tallest land animal on Earth!
It's all happening in one of the most famous National Parks in the world, in a country that's invented it's own version of hip-hop!
It might get a bit crowded though, because 3 million animals live here!

Simon's Giraffe Adventure.

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Infographic and Info.

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Giraffe Facts


11 Fascinating Facts about Giraffes

  • Giraffes are herbivores, they only eat plants but they will suck on old animal bones to get extra calcium and phosphorous.
  • They can eat a whole cactus needles and all!
  • They release chemicals into their fur to repel ticks and fleas but it really smells like poo!
  • They eat around 30 kilos of food a day.
  • They don't wash and they never swim.
  • At between 4 and 5 metres tall they are the tallest land animals on earth.
  • Their tongue can be 50 cm long, it's ark blue and it can grab things like an elephant's trunk can.
  • A collection of Giraffes is called a Tower.
  • Their hearts beat around 70 times a minute but the walls of it are 6 times thicker than a human heart because of the blood pressure t needs to push blood around that enormous body.
  • They hardly make a sound except at night when they communicate using a low humming sound.
  • Their neck has 7 bones in it, the same as yours, but each bone has a ball and socket joint between it and the next one giving them a super flexible neck. Their neck bones are 6 times longer than human neck bones.

Check out this excellent Giraffe video!

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